Adore financial system was launched around the world successfully with huge response from all over, here is a latest update on it.

Adore Finance Token
3 min readFeb 15, 2021


Oh my god! What an over whelming welcome by people everywhere.

Adore Financial system is developed on a unique algorithm where trading is transparent, speedy, safer and completely decentralized.

Due to such

We sold over 750k XFA tokens within 24hours. This is massive!

XFA token was initially launched at $0.05 price and within 24 hours it has reached up to $0.23, which was almost 5x from its based price and its price is around $0.75 which is 15x than it was launched.

Investment of people has become 2x,3x and 5x. People bought at $0.05 and sold at $0.75 also, so made huge profit from ADORE. Huge demand of XFA token has shown that it can reach up to our predicted target of $60000 too.

Adore technical team working according to their road map. Like Development of Adore platform was done first and then pre-sale was conducted in which we got tremendous response like it’s mentioned above. Detailed white paper was released in which complete project is explained in very easy language.

Adore brought their decentralized exchange where buy/sell was done through smart contract. Users can buy or sell Adore tokens via smart contract in fully decentralized environment.

The contract address is: 0xAf1338246428bd659e5b62cf723155B4c2f658Bb

You can check this contract address by pasting it in to and check the contract balance, transactions done, buy/sell of Adore token etc.

As per promise given, XFA token is now listed in UNISWAP where traders or investors can exchange XFA against ethereum. Buy and sell is instant within seconds. That is why Adore platform is 100% decentralized.

Now Adore is going to be listed in another exchange within 15 days, the name is Buyucoin exchange. Application process is finished and final approval is also done, Very soon you guys can see XFA token trading in buyucoin exchange in indian market.

The price of XFA token will be mapped according to price formula and it will run in same way in buyucoin exchangem. That means the price progress will be according to price prediction given here.

Here is the price prediction:

1. 0.052 usd = 200000 Tokens

2. 0.075 usd = 200000 Tokens

3. 0.15 usd = 200000 Tokens

4. 0.25 usd = 150000 Tokens

5. 0.65 usd = 150000 Tokens

6. 1.65 usd = 100000 Tokens

7. 4.5 usd = 50000 Tokens

8. 12.35 usd = 50000 Tokens

9. 35 usd = 50000 Tokens

10. 93 usd = 50000 Tokens

11. 252 usd = 50000 Tokens

12. 678 usd = 50000 Tokens

12. 1795 usd = 50000 Tokens

13. 4663 usd = 50000 Tokens

14. 11840 usd = 50000 Tokens

16. 20000 usd = 50000 Tokens

17. 26000 usd = 50000 Tokens

18. 32000 usd = 50000 Tokens

19. 40000 usd = 50000 Tokens

20. 60000 usd= 50000 Tokens

You can buy/sell XFA token via smart contract, UNISWAP and Buyucoin exchange.

ADORE STAKING program will be launched and all XFA token holders can stake their tokens in staking wallet to get reward.

Adore will be listed in coingecko market and coinmarketcap within coming 2 months, where you can track all analytical data like token supply, 24h volume, market cap, its rank, price graph etc.

Adore community is growing and we fulfilling our promises to provide the best technologically sound platform to our community.

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Adore Finance Token

ADORE TOKEN is the finest crypto currency of the world. Adore Token is ERC20 token, Based on Ethereum Blockchain.