We would like to make some important announcement regarding technical changes in ADORE.NETWORK. We would like to make our technology more robust and user friendly.

We are going reduce supply of Adore coins from 51 million to 11.2 million coins. As we know supply matters a lot n because of that we have taken this decision.

One more important and user friendly change we are going to do is, Users don’t have stake coins for 365 days, instead of that we are making it live from the day 1 user buys coin and it will be done very soon. This is a community friendly decision. We always want our community to get benefit first.

To make such changes, we need to stop using current smart contract. During such process, we will provide coins to investors within 72 hours in their coin wallet after we stop using the currency smart contract.

Referral income worth coins will be dedcuted from total coins and they will get their coins in their wallet(deducted amount of referral income).

Name of the project will also be changed from ADORE.NETWORK to a new name. We will announce the name shortly.

We would like to assure our users and investors that your fund is safe with us and we will give back to each n every user.

We are taking such decision to provide more reliable platform to our community. We are expecting your coopration. Let’s be together and rock the world.

For more details, kindly follow our social media accounts.





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ADORE TOKEN is the finest crypto currency of the world. Adore Token is ERC20 token, Based on Ethereum Blockchain.

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Adore Finance Token

Adore Finance Token

ADORE TOKEN is the finest crypto currency of the world. Adore Token is ERC20 token, Based on Ethereum Blockchain.

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