Adore Finance Token
2 min readMay 3, 2021

We are here with a new and exciting update. As you know Adore Finance platform was developed on ethereum blockchain and we got tremendous response too. But as we know technology has to speedy and cost effective.

Transaction cost in ethereum blockchain was very high that our users were paying higher cost for smaller transactions. Keeping this in mind we took a quick decision to shift from ethereum blockchain to Binance Chain.

Binance chain has very low transaction fee and that is why its acceptance is increasing globally.

Adore ecosystem was running on smart contract based transactions. Distribution of Adore token was working on a special formula, which was key factor of up and down for price according to demand and supply. This was Adore’s decentralized ICO phase where Adore sold millions of tokens via smart contract.

Currently Adore token is converted in to a normal Binance Chain token, which has some unique and important features.


Token Name: Adore Finance Token

Ticker : XFA

Decimals: 5

Technology: Binance Smart Chain

Most important part is use cases of Adore token. Very soon we are going to launch our own exchange into the market where users can trade Adore token globally. Development work of the exchange is almost completed and around 20th May 2021, Alpha testing mode of exchange will be started followed by Beta version in the month of July.

One more achievement of Adore will be on board and that is Road Map, other exchanger listings and CoinmarketCap listing in the month of May and June 2021 respectively.

With this bunch of good news, we believe that Adore finance will boom around the world. So do not miss to grab more n more XFA tokens.

Stay tuned for next update.

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Adore Finance Token

ADORE TOKEN is the finest crypto currency of the world. Adore Token is ERC20 token, Based on Ethereum Blockchain.