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2 min readMay 1, 2021


The time has come to launch XFA with full Binance Smart Chain (“BSC”). As the staggering GAS fee problem of the Ethereum Network remained unsolved for many projects including Adore Finance Token, the core team has been proposed to migrate project on Binance Smart Chain Mainnet.
we will migrating all user’s from existing Ethereum blockchain to our new BSC Blockchain. This will be a seamless process where all we ask of you is simply wait for the migration to complete. Once complete, users will find their staked XFA tokens and also locked XFA migrated across to the new BSC Mainnet. as we will now function on BSC , users will need to manually add BSC Mainnet onto their Metamask and trust wallet.

Details of the migration and further instructions on how to configure metamask wallet is as follow:-

Time of migration:- 6th may 2021.
Duration:- we will make an announcement via social media channels upon completion the migration.

Process:- upon the start migration, our existing Ethereum functionality will stop. User will be unable to stake, unstack or claim tokens after 6th may. We suggest you to complete these process of migration before 6th may, or simply wait to process your transaction on BSC Mainnet.

Prepare your Metamask to interact with BSC builder:-
As our Mainnet builder is on BSc, user will need to add BSc Mainnet onto their metamask wallet through the following steps:-
1. Click on metamask logo then click on “expand view” inside the three dots.
2. Click on the Ethereum Mainnet tab to show a drop- down of available networks to add the Binance smart chain network.
3. Scroll down and select “CUSTOM CONTRACT ADDRESS” and enter in the BSc Mainnet details as follow:-
Network name:- BSC
New Contract Address:-
Symbol :- BNB
Block explore url :-

Click “save” and metamask will add and connect the BSc Mainnet.
You have now successfully added the BSc Mainnet to metamask.

Note:- You will be required to add the custom tokens XFA on metamask, we are providing contract address above in details.

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Adore Finance Token

ADORE TOKEN is the finest crypto currency of the world. Adore Token is ERC20 token, Based on Ethereum Blockchain.